Galaxy Note 4 Rumors’ Sneak Peak

World’s first 2K-resolution display smartphone is out and world’s first smartphone with 4GB RAM is about to out in the market and ZTE could be the first to have a smartphone with such configuration. The most recent Samsung’s beast the Samsung Galaxy S5 was one of the awaiting phones of the year and it has not walked on the path of people expectations. Earlier expectations were in favor of 2K resolution display, 4GB RAM and 64-bit processor and all new design but Samsung has brought in the front is not acceptable by fans. Personally, I am disappointed by the design too but overall S5 is a good phone but not as we all expected. Just after the release of grand Galaxy S5 smartphone now the rumor round up for Note 4 is taking fire. All interest is moving towards Galaxy Note 4 but we have a question will Samsung disappoint again with Note 4 or we would have something more to discover.

Galaxy Note 4

No doubt, Samsung Galaxy S5 is a good phone but it’s plastic design and earlier expectations are forcing people not to like it. If we look on the hardware perspective and performance then it is one of the high-end solutions but this is not what all smartphone geeks were expecting. Let’s turn to a new road called “the Galaxy Note 4”.

The Evolution

In 2011 the time every manufacturer was trying to stick to the smartphone market need, Samsung engineers thought to bring a new gadget in the market, which would be the intermediate between a tablet and smartphone so called “Phablet”. In the month of September 2011, Samsung brought a revolution in the market with all-new Samsung Galaxy Note. Other brands tried to catch the race and LG, HTC and Sony are on the top which have done enough efforts in past two years but still Galaxy Note series is rocking. In 2012, Samsung brought the second generation Galaxy Note device and 2013 September we have seen the 3rd generation Galaxy Note device i.e. Galaxy Note 3 which is presently one of the best available gadget in the Android market. And similar is expected this year the new revolution the Galaxy Note 4.

• Samsung Galaxy N7000 Note release date – Sep, 2011
• Samsung Galaxy N7100 Galaxy Note 2 release date – Aug, 2012
• Samsung Note 3 release date – Sep, 2013
• Samsung Note 4 release date – 2014, August, 2014?

Galaxy Note 4 release date – later July?

Galaxy Note 4 front

If you look at the previous release date data of Note 4 then you would find it is going like “SAS”, September August September and this year it could be August. But this logic is not that sensible. If we look at the present stats of the sales, demand and expectation graphs then Samsung should even bring the Galaxy Note 4 early as per the schedule but Samsung will only do it if there would be a specific reason and now it seems they have a specific reason. Galaxy S5 disappointment can force Samsung to launch big brother the Note 4 earlier then the schedule. But it can’t be judged so early there is a long way to walk.

As per the rumors and the internal conversations, Samsung might bring the 64-bit architecture platform Samsung Note 4 early to its schedule and there are maximum chances for the later July 2014 or early August.

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 with 2K-resolution display – myth? 

Galaxy Note 3 has 1080p display and Galaxy S5 is also launched with similar kind of display but the if compare the market trend there are expectations for more ppi but we should not forget the need also. However, one of the Chinese manufacturers is first to bring a smartphone with such 2K resolution display in the market and results are in favor of better rendering and experience. However, in such a small size for human it is impossible to distinguish the pixel size with an eye. Even, at 1080p a human eye can’t sense each pixel differently.

As per our study and research, Samsung should bring such display in the next Samsung Note 2014. Also, there are already rumors in past couple of months that Samsung is working on such display and how true it is a still mystery?

If Samsung will implement such displays in their next device then of course it would be one of the most positive factor plus it will attract other users too.

Galaxy Note 4 Specifications and Features – Sneak peak till now

  • Live 8-Core processor with 64-bit Architecture
  • Less chances for 16-core big.LITTLE (no need for such configuration, but if battery life and power management is considered then two pairs of true octa-core processors could be efficient, but what about the price?
  • 4GB RAM – already Samsung has started manufacturing 20nm RAM memory modules and one could be fitted in next Galaxy Note 4
  • 2K-resolution display is not a myth anymore and 2450 x 1440 pixels could be the native resolution of its display, display technology – still a mystery.
  • 128GB on-board memory for sure (ZTE has already launched such solution then why not Samsung this time?)
  • 21MP ultra-low light sensitive ISOCELL-v2
  • Battery configuration with 3500+mAh – the actual need
  • Better Wi-Fi experience and new communication means
  • Aluminum / Alloy Uni-body possible – the actual demand
  • Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof standards  - the trend and need
  •  Temperature, humidity and atmosphere sensors – Addons
  • Better user experience and the new ways – the expectations and need
  • Eye and finger scanner sensors – the innovations

The above specifications are the high end if we consider the present scenario but how much they are different and unique is still a question. If Samsung will launch such phone possibly in July then in August we would see the same specifications in a different form and a phone from another manufacturer. Samsung should of course come with something unique but curved display will not make much difference. These is a need of new innovation in the market, just increasing the frequency and number of add-ons will attract the consumers but the revolution would be missed and that what all Samsung fans like me are expecting.

How higher would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price?

The range of Galaxy Note 4 price must lie between $700 to 750; the reason is of course why people would invest that set of money if there would be another solution available in the market just after a month or two. Also, if Samsung will opt all the aforementioned hardware and devices then it would be a challenge for Samsung to maintain the cost and Samsung would not like to cut it margins. The new Note 4 is of course a challenge for a Samsung and al fans know, Samsung will make it some how and it won’t disappoint this time, let’s cheers!

Samsung Note 4

The completion

The movie won’t end here, it is just like a fan made trailer through few leaks and expectations. We have mentioned almost practical and sensible rumors and if we don’t add any spices to our food it don’t taste that great and soon we would add the Galaxy Note 4 concept images (virtually possible) which would might force you to imagine the next generation devices and their features, stay tuned with us. There is lot more to discover and expect from our next Galaxy device but who knows if someone official from Samsung is ready this post and learning what people are expecting so, don’t forget to leave your expectations which are practically possible for 2014 and interesting ideas are also most welcome. And we would like to tell one more thing that only think which keep us active to research more is your feedback, interest, Facebook likes, twitter and other social shares, so we can request if you liked the content then do like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and Google+. We are not only waiting for Samsung’s response but for yours also, cheers! And do subscribe to the page to receive further innovations from all around the world for our flagship the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

3 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 4 Rumors’ Sneak Peak

  1. I was expecting with all those features the NOTE4 would come with 1. A ready slot for attachment with a flash disk. won’t it be more practical? Why this feature is not regarded as genuine? Easy file transfer is a an impressive requirement for such expensive phone. 2. Will it have the facility ready for MS Office installment? This will simplify many peoples’ lives since the phone is the current “hand-held” companion.

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