Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaked pics below

Samsung is about to release Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in couple of months from now and already there are lots of fans that are following every rumor and news regarding Note 4. With the rumors and speculations revolving about the Note 4, it is the best and reliable time that you acquired a deep dive into the most essential things that users must get familiar with, right now about the highly expected successor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by the company. Users are also waiting for the next flagship device of the Galaxy Note series in order to know the thing that what the company will carry out for them this year, whether it will include same or better features as compared to its previous line devices. The company is also making efforts to fulfill the desired expectations and needs of users, when it comes to features and specifications.


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Galaxy Note 4 on the way!

For much of the year 2013, you heard about the Note 3, the rumored success to the famous Note 3. Note 3 rumors and speculations were common for much of the entire year and they provided details regarding the specifications of the Note 3, also its date of launch and its indefinable release date. Several of these rumors and speculations were corroborated whenever Samsung acquired the stage in premature September and declared the Note 3 by the company.

As well, this year is performing like identical to the previous year. For most of the year 2014, people heard rumors and speculations about the Note4, a gadget that is anticipated to replicate the Galaxy Note 3 and confront top Android gadgets available in the market that includes Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, Nexus 5, HTC One M8, and many others. It must also represent hard competition to the latest iPhone release, anticipated to the iPhone 6. The rumors about this upcoming device have been out of control in current weeks as users move closer to the drop release window for Smartphone device manufacturing company. Whilst numerous details about Note 4 stay in the shadows, there are lots of its specifications and features, which have made ahead of its forthcoming launch date.

Galaxy Note 4 release date

Galaxy Note 4 front

The Samsung Electronic Galaxy Note series has been a large strike amongst the gadget fans and the publicity on Note 4 begun merely following the release of Note 3 previous year. The date of releasing of the forthcoming flagship gadget has been yet a few weeks away, but each and every detail about the phablet that includes its features and specifications have been disclosed by the media.

The company has not declared the release date of the Note 4 device, but many reports have highlighted its release at the month of September this year. The device will be revealed on 3 September and the provocation to the Unpacked event would be distributed in the mid of the August. Some other rumors declared that the gadget would be revealed at the forthcoming annual IFA trade fair that is going to be held in Berlin, Germany between 5 to 10 September.

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 display configuration 

Those of you with extended memories will call to mind that the company was also reported to be evolving a metal Galaxy S5 and still Galaxy S4, following several tech enthusiasts rounded on these devices ‘cheap experiencing’ plastic surfaces. The leading version of the Galaxy Note 4 is also claimed to equip a bendy screen. Other than, unlike sooner efforts that utilized similar technology, this time the screen will be 50 percent more flexible. In fact, it is assumed that the device will, not dissimilar from the average Note 4 in the specification sheet department. From the context, it means that you can look forward to an 8 core processor, a 16 MP camera and the currently revealed 4.5 version of the popular Android version out of the container.

Samsung Note 4 Specifications and Features

Here is the list of some features that the device will include:

  • Display: The device might support a 5.7’’ super AMOLED display that is observed in its predecessor. Though, with a 2560×1440 resolution, its quality of the image will be far better as compared to Note 3 that has 1080×1920 pixels.
  • Processor: The Note 3 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, whilst on the other hand, its successor Note 4 is anticipated in order to be powered by a processor named as Quad Core Snapdragon 805 that clocks at 2.5 GHz. The company might make public 2 versions of the upcoming device, one will be powered by a processor named as Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, while the other one by Exynos 5433 8 Core.
  • Design: If users might talk about one of the boring features of the Samsung Note’s lines, it needs to be its concept of design as all of the gadgets from this product sequence appear almost similar. Though, several reports and news recommended that the forthcoming gadget might wear a new appearance. The company might make public 2 models of the gadget, one with a bent OLED display, while the other one comes with a flat OLED screen. The company is assuming about a flexible display screen for the following generation gadget.
  • Camera: It is rumored that the camera’s pixel for Note 4 might be reduced from 13 megapixels observed in its predecessor to 12 megapixels along with the presence of an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), but it is very probable as the company has the custom of extending the camera pixel in its latest gadgets. The upcoming device will include a 16 MP rear facing camera with the existence of ISOCELL technology, a 2 MP front facing camera with the capacity of 1080 pixels video recording and a 4K video recording.
  • Operating System: The device might run on the latest released 4.4.3 version of the Android’s KitKat version. But some reports said that the device will feature an Android 4.5 Lollypop OS.
  • Other features: There are some features that are reported to include in the Note 4 like S Pen Stylus, a retina scanner and many more.

Galaxy Note 4 Price Range

According to the reports and rumors, the cost of the Note 4 is expected to be approximately 750 dollars, the same cost tag, when the Galaxy Note 3 initially came to the mobile and Smartphone industry. It is a very moderate cost price. Hence, you can become the first person to buy this upcoming device. You can start saving money to get this phablet in order to enjoy its more enhanced and superior specifications and features as compared to its other predecessors available in the market.

Samsung Note 4


It is a well known fact that user’s expectations and needs are never ending. You, as a buyer or Smartphone user never gets satisfied with your device. You keep on finding out some limitations in your device. So, the same is applicable for rumors and speculations about the upcoming device. Users keep on expecting something new and exciting until its launch. So, the movie would not conclude up here. The above mentioned are only some sensible and practical rumors. There is a lot more to find and anticipate from the next flagship gadget of the Galaxy Note series by Samsung. Stay tuned with us to receive most recent updates and rumours of Galaxy Note 4.

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  1. I was expecting with all those features the NOTE4 would come with 1. A ready slot for attachment with a flash disk. won’t it be more practical? Why this feature is not regarded as genuine? Easy file transfer is a an impressive requirement for such expensive phone. 2. Will it have the facility ready for MS Office installment? This will simplify many peoples’ lives since the phone is the current “hand-held” companion.

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